Mastering Marketing With Zachary Stephan and Emmanuel De La Mota

Chase Potential

In this episode, we’re doing things a little differently. We have Emmanuel De La Mota, the Head of Search at a digital marketing agency, and Zachary Stephan, the VP of Search at another digital marketing agency. Emmanuel has managed millions of dollars in ad spend for Fortune 500 companies. Zachary has managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend and dozens of search specialists throughout his 8+ years of experience in digital marketing.

These are two real marketers that dive into best practices, how to plan your strategy, what to do if you’re just starting in marketing, and much more.

Hope you enjoy!

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Top 3 takeaways from this roundtable

  • To know what best channel to start running ads on, you need to understand your goals.
  • To execute the things you’re learning from courses, you need to put something out there on the web.
  • Before you start running your marketing, know your ideal candidate, i.e., your buyer persona.

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